Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Excuse #1

I have heard every excuse under the sun when it comes to weight loss. You either want it or you don't. Plain and simple. Excuses are for people that don't want it bad enough.

I am going to begin a weekly feature entitled "EXCUSES".

Excuse #1

"I don't have the money to spend on weight loss products, healthy food, gym memberships, etc."
I found a weight loss product that I wanted to try. The first order cost $60. I didn't have the extra money at the time. It took me a few weeks to save it but I did it. And now I am making money by selling it and helping others reach their weight loss goals.  If these people that are claiming they do not have the extra money to kick start their weight loss, whether it be to purchase weight loss supplements or joining a gym they need to sit down and evaluate what they are spending their money on.  How many times do they eat fast food per week? What are they buying at the grocery store? What junk foods can be eliminated from their shopping lists?  I truly believe it comes down to fear of failure and/or laziness on their part. If they TRULY wanted to lose the weight, they would make it happen. I did.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Happy Labor Day!

Wishing everyone a safe and Happy Labor Day!

I'm working hard to change the mindset that I have had for years pertaining to the holidays. What mindset? "Oh, it's a holiday. I can eat whatever I want!" When I know good and well that it takes twice the work to get those calories burned and lose any weight you might have gained from making a few bad food choices.

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Appetite Control and Energy (ACE)

I have lost 20 lbs and 7 inches in my waist since the middle of June. How, you might ask? It's simple. I have been taking Appetite Control and Enegy (ACE) daily.

Appetite Control and Energy dietary supplement is a synergistic blend of ingredients including Dark Cocoa and Natural Caffeine, plus additional key ingredients. One or two capsules will turn-off your hunger switch and kick you into gear!

These are my results after just 8 weeks on ACE!

I love this product SO much that I became an associate. Ask me how to get your skinny on with ACE!!!